Actually I think it was a sex in front of the TV thing or it could have meant he performs rituals or murders people by the TV, maybe he does weird shit there on some crafting table. It never said masturbation, you just see those two guys and thing masturbation, not their fault you find them so sexy. » 10/26/14 4:58pm Sunday 4:58pm

Because shaving with a razor blade causes me to break out and I don't care for that so I use an electric razor which leaves stubble and while I surely have flaws that some may indeed call grave my moral compass is pretty damned good. I at the very least do not try and convince others jokingly or otherwise to distrust… » 10/21/14 1:30pm 10/21/14 1:30pm

I don't watch it either but maybe because it's different generations or maybe because they like it even though you don't, which I know is shocking to conceive of, not being the decider of what is considered good by every single person in existence must be a horrible thing to realize. » 10/20/14 4:14pm 10/20/14 4:14pm

I loathe prequels, I don't go see them and I don't read them and I don't buy games of them. I love borderlands, I have no desire for the pre-sequel. I hate prequels, if you can't setup your character well enough or with enough confidence on their first outing, going back later to show them why they are driven is just… » 10/20/14 10:43am 10/20/14 10:43am

My girlfriend used to work at a place in Maryland called Kennedy Krieger, they deal with the most destructive and worst kids in the country for autism and behavioral issues, she had to quit it was too much for her, but they have a lot of success with kids who were seemingly unable to be helped. There is a waiting list… » 10/20/14 12:29pm 10/20/14 12:29pm